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Photos of Early Students of the Course (1975-1985).
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(Note: We update this page periodically.  If you were an early student of the Course, contact us and
we'll let you know how to email your photo to us. Your photo needs to be at least 3x5" or larger and scanned at 100 dpi or higher.)

Helen Schucman Bill Thetford Ken Wapnick Judy Skutch Bob Skutch
Jerry Jampolsky and Helen Shuchman Jon Mundy Zelda Supplee James Bolen Robert Rosenthal and Bill Thetford
John Fetzer Diane Temple Joe Janis Kellie Love Carmen and Emilo Guzman
Bruce Gregory Monsour Faridi Milton Friedman Bette Martin and Paul Steinberg Robert and Kathleen Draper with Ken Wapnick
Edgar Mitchell Marilyn and George Anderson Mary Pat, Ken Wapnick, Ray Weiner Gloria and Ken Wapnick Bridget Winter
William Whitson Joe Janis & Terry Pena

Eva & Glen Olds

Frances Vaughan

Susan and Sydney Lamb
Olivia Scott Patrick Miller Marianne Williamson John Fetzer and Carolyn Daily Roger Walsh
Pam and Bill McDonald Fernando Gomez, Rosa Maria Wynn and Valeria Pequeno Lee and Jerry Wyker Lee Coit  Ruth Kirk
Lillian Paes George McLaird Ronnie and Ivor Whitson Lois Lewis Shelby Parker
Willis Harman Carla Gaye Olson Richard and Beverly Hutchinson and Darin Zakich Diane Cirincione and Jerry Jampolsky Kira Feldgun
Edie Ferari Carol Howe Mark Thurman Jules Finegold Sharifah and Amana and Aeeshah
Avi Yasur Ruthi Shek-Yasur Efrat Sar Shalom Peter Russell Phyllis Schlemmer
John Whitmore Susan Trout Maitrea and Maloah Stillwater Chiao Lin Cabanne Raul and Ana Cristina Barbachano
Peter Bloch Heinz Bilger Michael Berkes David Davidson Jenny Rizzo-Patron
Laurance Rockefeller Tara Singh Michael Feinstein Russell Targ Bob Plath
Jane and Sig Paulson Val and Vesna Scott Wesley Sonnier with Judy and William Whitson Pegiene Barrett and Lillian Carpenter Rinaldo and Lalla Brutoco
Bill Thetford and Sylvain DuBoullay Ashley Pamplin Lou Carlino Judy Skutch and Sally Tooley Miriam and Gerben Andriessen
Layle and Jack Luckett andBill Elliott Goldwag Robert Perry Tom Gossett and Carl Parks Laura Skutch
Bill and Pat Hopkins Victor Grey Kathy Scott Perry Bob Richards Skip Sunnell
Scott Pomeroy Everett Alexander Virginia McDonnell Hugh and Yvonne Magee Ulf and Bev Hamilton
John Beavin Alan Cohen Alan Cohen Jim Giorgi Jim Giorgi
Liz Cronkhite Alan Braswell Robert & Roberta McBain Rosa Marie Wynn Dale Jukes
Franchita Cattani Nick Davis Ladd McDonald James Jeffries Bruce Rawles
Rodger Webster Michele-Rose Wainhouse Douglas Melloy Jacqueline Tullo Fred Estabrook

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